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Well & Septic

Termite, Well & Septic Inspections in Mustang, OK

Having your well inspected regularly is important for health and safety. At Sharpshooter Inspection Services, we offer well and septic inspections in Mustang, OK, and for clients throughout Oklahoma.

Well Inspections

Keep your water pure and safe to drink. We check pressure tanks and switches and perform whole-house infiltration testing to ensure your system is up to standard. We also send water samples to the Department of Environmental Quality to test for E. coli and coliform bacteria. For you convenience, we test wells within the Garber-Wellington Aquifer for heavy metals at no extra charge. Our reports provide total peace of mind with regard to the quality of your drinking water.

Septic Inspections

Make sure the septic system is running smoothly. We inspect both true septic systems and aerobic septic systems. When you book us for septic system inspection, we will also perform a well inspection at no extra charge!

Septic Inspections in Mustang, OK

True Septic Systems

When inspecting true systems, we uncover the tank and perform a hydrostatic test to determine whether the area is saturated with water or effluent. We also check the overall condition of the tank, lid, and baffles. Finally, we measure the amount of sludge in the tank using a “Sludge Judge” tool. This tool takes a core sample from the tank and measures the amount of solid material inside. You will be provided with a full report that details all our findings.

Aerobic Septic Systems

Aerobic systems use sprinklers instead of lateral fields to process sewage. This type of system usually has three separate tanks and many moving parts. We test the alarm system, floats, wiring, and sprinkler heads to ensure everything is functioning properly. We also use the “Sludge Judge” tool to measure the quantity of solids in the tank.